Seven Lucky Gods New Year’s Walking Tour in historic Yanaka & Ueno, #2!

Join our Special New Year’s Yanaka to Ueno Seven Lucky Gods Pilgrimage #2!

(Our January 8th tour is nearly full, so please join this one!)

Why not start the year by visiting Seven Lucky Gods, collect special visitor stamps, put it in a frame & hang on your wall for a Happy-Go-Lucky year 2020?

(An explanation about Seven Lucky Gods “Fuku-jin” is written below)

You’ll pay 1000 yen for a special Washi paper scroll at Tokakuji.

Each stamp will cost 200 yen per temple or shrine so by visiting 7 places you should expect to pay 2400 yen in total. (See attached photo below)

If you are regular Goshuin collector, it cost 300 yen per Goshuin as usual.


NOTE: On January 8th, our exclusive walking tour, limited to 8 people will be guided by our good friend Kyoko Nagano!

If you cannot attend on January 8th, or that Meetup is full, please sign up for the much larger tour #2 on January 10th, which is the final day of this special event!


Here’s the route: We’ll start by Meeting at the North Exit of JR Tabata Station outside the ticket gate at 10:00 am! (Don’t be late!)

Then walk to Akagami Jinnoh (Founded in 1641) you will see many red papers stuck on two statues. People believe that if you put the red paper on the same part of your body where you’re ill, it heals you!

(The stone Nio were brought from nearby Yawata Shinto shrine!)

1. The first lucky God you’ll meet is Fukujuroku at Tokakuji in Tabata: 東覚寺 established in mid Muromachi era:東覚寺_(東京都北区)

There is a beautiful garden behind the temple, so we’ll not miss it!

2. The second God you’ll meet is Ebisu at: Seiunji: 青雲寺

Seiunji – Known as Hanami (cherry blossom) temple from Edo period

3. The third God you’ll meet is Hotei at Shushoin: 花見寺修性院
Another place well known for cherry blossoms, established in 1573.

You’ll see lots of cute drawings of Hotei which may make you smile!!

We’ll walk in the Yanaka Ginza area where you can taste some popular street foods. Let’s grab something tasty to eat on the way!

4. The fourth God you’ll meet is Jurojin at Choanji: 長安寺 which has more than 400 years of history. You must remove shoes here so please wear shoes which are easy to remove.

Kyoko says, “My favorite tea house is on the way!”

“There’s a wonderful tea room called Yuka-an above an antique store where you can choose an antique bowl to drink green tea with lovely sweets. It costs 1000 yen & if the group is 8 people, we can go there.” ギャラリー大久保 瑜伽庵|茶

“If we have more than 8 ppl, we can split & some can go to Kayaba coffee – one of the iconic coffee stores in Yanaka!”


5. The fifth God we’ll meet is Bishamonten in Tennoji 天王寺- Tennoji is beautiful at night with the Buddha lit up. Reminds me of the large Buddha in Kamakura. 天王寺

6. The sixth God we’ll meet is Daikokuten in Gokokuin which is built in 1625: 護国院大黒天 If you’ve done Ueno walking tours or know about Kaneiji, maybe you have been to Gokokuin already and seen Daikokuten there.護国院_(台東区)

7. The seventh God we’ll meet is Benzaiten at Shinobazu Pond Bentendo 不忍池弁天堂- another Kaneiji place!

Benten is the only female among the Seven Gods. (Though some gods genders may change!) Benten has many blessings to share!


NOTE: Please smoke only in designated areas!

Being a “no-show” or changing RSVPs after the deadline hurts your fellow members & organizers, so please don’t do it!

Thanks, your organizer, Kerry D. @}:^)


January 10


10:00 am - 03:00 pm

Click to Register:

Japanize (Japanese Culture Experience)


Tabata Station

1 Chome-17 Higashitabata, Kita City

Tokyo, JP

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