About Japanize : Japanese Culture Experience & Meetups

We are Tokyo based non-profit organization called Japanize.
We organize the events/meetups for Japanese culture experience and exchanges of the people in Japan.


Japanese Culture Experience with Japanize

We have been organizing more than 400 events since 2012 mainly in Japan and also sometimes outside Japan.
We introduce some of the events we have organized before.


1. Sushi making experience in San Francisco

about japanize- sushi SF


2. Japanese food experience in Taipei

about japanize- Japanese food experience in Taipei


3. Sushi making experience in Ginza, Tokyo

about japanize- sushi Ginza Tokyo


4. Japanese traditional food making experience in Chiba

about japanize- food Chiba


meetup group of Japanize

meetup group of Japanize
meetup group of Japanize

Organizers post the Japanese culture experience events on our meetup.com group page.
You can check on our website or this group page to join the activities.

- Japanize meetup group