Weird Is the New Cool – Unique Izakaya Collection

Of all things, the Japanese LOVE having drinking parties at izakaya.
Also, a lot of things about this country are said to be weird, in a cool way (or not).
So what did we invent? – Weird Izakaya.


Perhaps one of the best-known is Lock-Up the prison bar.
As you enter, a waitress dressed as a sexy police officer arrests you and takes you into a prison cell, where your creepy feast with drinks in test tubes, steak cooked in fire, black fried chickens etc. begins.

Just so you know, to make it out of this prison alive, you need to survive surprise monster attacks!


Too scary? Then try the complete opposite!
There are several super cute Alice in Wonderland Izakayas ( in Tokyo with different room designs. Try all of them and find your favorite!

Shinjuku 1:

Shinjuku 2:




The waitresses are dressed in Alice costumes, but it’s nothing like maid cafes.

Well, there’s not much to explain. If you wanna experience cuteness overload, this it the place to go.
Enjoy your tea party (of course with alcohol!)

Maybe these aren’t Japanese enough for some of you.
If you’re looking for traditional/nostalgic Japanese atmosphere, we recommend the following.

is the place for Japanese history fans.
Walk in and you’ll be greeted by replica armors of famous feudal warlords from the Sengoku era (Japan’s age of provincial wars).

The rooms are all inspired by major battles of the Sengoku era, and dishes are made of ingredients from the warlords’ birthplaces.

Along with their well-selected collection of Shochu (distilled spirits),
their Seiromushi (thinly sliced meat steamed in a wooden container) and their highest quality Basashi (raw horse meat) from Kumamoto are must-haves!


For those of you who like it in Japan so much that you wish you had grown up here, there are places you can experience Japanese childhood nostalgia.

Rokunen-Yonkumi (Class 4 of 6th Grade) is an elementary-school-themed izakaya where you can enjoy Japanese kids’ all time favorite school lunch menus.

Try some of the most typical Japanese school lunch menus such as Agepan (fried bread covered with sweet soybean powder), Soft Noodle (ready-to-eat noodle that comes in a plastic bag, eaten with meat sauce poured on top) and Reitou Mikan (frozen oranges).
Don’t forget to say “Itadakimasu” before you start eating!

Different courses are available such as the graduation course often used for farewell parties.



Where do Japanese elementary school kids go after school? – Dagashi shops!

Dagashi is the generic name for all kinds of cheap snacks and sweets kids can buy for no more than 5 to 100 yen. The most common Dagashi include fried snacks of various flavors such as corn potage soup, spicy cod roe and even fermented soybeans, dried fish paste sheets (although they’re all sold as “squid sheets” for some reason) flavored with teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, ume (pickled sour plum) or sweet vinegar, wheat puffs covered in chocolate, Morocco Yogul, which is like a firmer drier version of yogurt (the reason why it’s called Morocco Yogul is unknown) and the list goes on.

And yes, there is an Izakaya that offers all-you-can-eat Dagashi.
Dagashi Bars can be found in Ikebukuro, Ebisu, Ningyocho and Suitengu, and they look just like real Dagashi shops.

In addition to all-you-can-eat Dagashi, you can also enjoy their Dagashi-inspired food and drinks such as coke with popping cotton candy on top and a burger made of shrimp crackers and takoyaki (octopus dumplings covered with sweet gravy and mayonnaise).


What you can’t miss when you talk about contemporary Japanese culture is the wide variety of high-quality video games.

However, they could be too addictive and stop you from going out and meeting people.

Don’t worry, you can play video games AND socialize at the same time in CAPCOM Bar!

You can play trials of their newest games while sharing with your friends/colleagues dishes designed after their most popular games!


Finally, if you’re a regular izakaya-goer who is bored of just sitting down and waiting for your food to be brought to your table, why don’t you try catchng your own food this time?

Zauo is a fishing izakaya where you catch fish and have them prepared however you like – sashimi (raw slices), sushi, tenpura (fried), grilled, boiled and even half-and-half!

Everytime you catch a fish, the staff plays the taiko drum and the whole place celebrates with you!

 Enjoy the taste of victory!


Well, have you decided which one you want to go for your next nomikai (drinking party)?

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