Japanese Culture Promotion (Outside Japan)

Japanese Culture Promotion and Event organizing outside Japan


Japanize is organizing the Japanese cultural experience event with Japanese Culture Experts to promote Japanese cultures and some services in some cities outside Japan.

We are providing the Japanese resources to overseas and promoting Japanese cultures or any services with the local cooperators outside Japan.



Following events are the examples of our Japanese cultural experience events.


[Japanese Cultural Experience in Taipei, Taiwan in 2013]

Sushi Making Class, Okonomiyaki & Sake Party and Pop Culture experience & Show


We have organized Japanese cultural experience opportunities with about 100 local people.




[Japanese Cultural Experience in San Francisco, USA in 2014]

Fish Disassembling Show, Sushi Making Class and Japanese Food Party at local Japanese Izakaya

with long time experienced Sushi Master

We have organized Japanese cultural experience opportunities with about 50 local people.

(Quite many people have joined even though we’ve started to invite only 6 days before the event and it’s held on the weekday.)






●Our Partners outside Japan

We are organizing the events and promoting Japanese cultures with the cooperation of some communities and corporations outside Japan.

We appreciate to offer any resources from Japan and organize the Japanese cultural experience events with the communities and corporations outside Japan.



Following community and corporation are our some of our partners outside Japan.





[Amazing Japan]

Corporation introducing Japanese pop culture information and organizing events in Germany.

We have already organized some collaboration events together.

>> Amazing Japan’s website




[nihongo moriagari – 日本語 盛り上がり]

Voluntary organization which organizes Japanese language classes and cultural experience events in San Francisco, USA.

At our event in San Francisco in 2014, there were quite many members joined from this community.

>> nihongo moriagari’s website on Meetup.com





Regarding the event organizing request outside Japan

If you are interested to hold the Japanese cultural experience events or promote any Japanese cultures with Japanize outside Japan, please kindly contact us from the below contact form.

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